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Sell Frequent Flyer Miles

Selling Frequent Flyer Miles - Recover The Value From Your Frequent Flyer Miles Program

Sell Frequent Flyer Miles


Many frequent travelers who accumulate a large amount of frequent flyer points do not have the time to use them or they may be nearing expiry. This prompts many card holders to consider the options for redeeming the value of their points from the frequent flyer miles program. The best and most common thing to do is sell frequent flyer miles, but where, is another story. It might not be easy to find someone or somewhere to sell your miles, but the process is easy once you have found a buyer. There are a few options for you to look through but you will have to decide what would be best for you and obviously what will be more beneficial and easier.

The first option you have to sell frequent flyer miles is to your family and friends. Many airline companies do not allow buying and selling of miles, but some of them do allow you to give to family, colleagues and friends. You don’t have to sell it directly to them; you can negotiate something of value for the exchange. Even if it is not money, it can be something of equal value. You might have to clear this up with the airline and tell them that you did not sell the miles, rather gave them away because you will not be using them.

Another option that is only offered by some airlines is to exchange your miles for other benefits and services. This can be hotel accommodation, car rentals, guest services, and more. However, it normally always has something to do with travel services so don’t expect to get a car in exchange for your miles. This is not offered by all airlines so it is better to ask them their advice on what you should do with your miles. Many airlines also ask you if you want to donate your miles to a charity service.

Bank miles also allow you to sell frequent flyer miles directly as that is mostly what they deal with. The miles will not be sold and you will not be receiving cash for it, but they call it selling because you are basically exchanging. You can normally redeem your miles through the program and get all kinds of services and merchandise which normally works out to something like one cent per mile. But than again, it all depends on where you go as not all mileage banks charge the same and you might be able to find a nice cheap one if you do some research.  

There are also places online that provide services for selling frequent flyer miles but make sure that it is not some scam you are getting yourself into.

In order to sell frequent flyer miles, you should have quite a few, if not, keep it for a while and wait until it accumulates before trying to get rid of them. Don’t try and sell if you have a little, unless it is being sold privately.



Sell Frequent Flyer Miles

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