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Mastercard Frequent Flyer Miles

Mastercard Frequent Flyer Miles - The Advantage Of An Airline Reward Credit Card

Mastercard Frequent Flyer Miles


The most important means of accruing miles for most frequent flyers is by the use of a credit card.  There are credit cards that give holders a means of earning not only flying miles but also car rental and hotel rewards.  In addition the holder of the card will also be awarded points for purchases.  This type of card is often tied to the Mastercard brand.  Mastercard flyer miles are a much sought after commodity by consumers.  The demand for this category of program has grown since its inception in 1981.  The popularity of the Mastercard Frequent Flyer Miles program has proved to be very successful.

There are a variety of cards to choose from.  For this reason it should be the priority of each consumer to research all of the alternatives.  In order to earn Mastercard Frequent Flyer Miles you need to spend money on the card. The money that is spent should give returns that the consumer will make use of.  Frequent flyer miles are easily built up with the use of a frequent flyer Mastercard.  However, as each card offers something more or less, it still comes down to individual choice.  The following categories of cards are available to consumers:

• Bank Issued Credit Cards – Travel Awards System

• Airline and Hotel Linked Credit Cards

• Charge Cards (such as Dinex or Amex)

• Debit Cards

However, the consumer who flies frequently may be swayed to get an airline reward credit card if it has been designed to give the best benefits.  Each card has been designed with a specific category in mind.  For the consumer who wants the best from a credit card the advantages are very visible.  There are a number of credit cards linked to frequent flyer miles such as:

• Amercian Express GOLD DELTA SKYMILES

• 15 000 bonus miles after first purchase

• double miles on every dollar spent at gas stations, supermarkets, drugstores, etc

• 1 SkyMile for every dollar spent

• 25 00 bonus miles for additional card member

• first year free – thereafter $85


• Citibank AADVANTAGE Mastercard

• 5 000 Bonus miles after first purchase with card

• No annual fee or for AAdvantage program membership

• 1 AAdvantage mile for $2 spent of eligible purchases up to 25 000 per year

• No blackout dates for AAdvantage travel on AA, AE & AC

• AAdvantage miles redeemable with over 25 top world airlines

  Hundreds of luxury hotels and major car rental companies worldwide

• AAdvantage mile may never expire

Mastercard Frequent Flyer Miles are extremely popular due to the many obvious benefits available.  This kind of program has been in practice for the past twenty six years.  The consumer has never shown any sign of losing interest in accruing flying miles.  The addition of other advantages has made this category of credit card even more useful.  There are certain cards that give holders above average benefits to enjoy.  Mastercard Frequent Flyer Miles credit cards do provide excellent benefits to the consumer.


Mastercard Frequent Flyer Miles

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