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Frequent Flyer Miles Credit Cards

Using Frequent Flyer Miles Credit Cards To Earn Credit Card Airline Rewards

Frequent Flyer Miles Credit Cards


Deciding on frequent flyer miles credit cards can be a hassle as you never know what is worth it and what isn’t, but know that flyer miles are worth anyone’s while, whether you fly twenty times a year or just five times. Obviously twenty times a year will give you more miles, but the five times a year will add up quickly and before you know it you can have a free flight to Hawaii! The program of using these miles has been around for a while but not every airline uses it. It is the key to keeping customers happy and most importantly, keeping them coming back to you.

Even if you use two or three different airlines a year, whether it is work related or for personal reasons, you should apply for frequent flyer miles credit cards at the airlines you most use. You never know, you might have earned yourself a trip before you even know it! Most of the time when you want to sign up for the frequent flyer program it doesn’t cost you anything, but be sure to ask before you sign up. Try and focus the flying you do to one or two airlines. If you use too many airlines you will end up with a dispersion of points across a number of airlines. Focusing on one or two allows you to earn airline miles much faster that can be used to claim travel rewards.

Sometimes you have an option between miles and segments. You will determine what you want your reward to be counted in according to the distance you normally fly. If it is normally long distance flights you go on, counting in miles will be a better option, but if it is just short trips, you may want to consider segments. However, if your trips alternate between long and short distance, it will be better for you to stick with miles.

With frequent flyer miles credit cards, there are endless options when it comes to combining the card with flyer programs. Of course, you want to go with the program that doesn’t charge you an annual fee, but know that then the miles are not going to be as much. You might find it more beneficial for you if you choose a credit card airline rewards card that has an annual fee that will offer you a mileage bonus just for signing up. These are normally yearly fees that you have to pay, but definitely worth while in the long run. If you are not satisfied with what you are getting after one year, you may cancel the card; otherwise you can just renew it and pay another annual fee for the year to come. You can first try the card that doesn’t require an annual fee and then move on to one that does and you can get more miles for your traveling.

There are many different frequent flyer miles credit cards for one to choose from, so make sure you are certain when deciding on one. However, it doesn’t really matter if they are ones that you aren’t paying for, but you don’t want to waste your money if you are not getting enough back for it.


Frequent Flyer Miles Credit Cards

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