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The Frequent Flyer Club - All About Frequent Flyer Mileage And Benefits

Frequent Flyer Club


Simply put, the Frequent Flyer Club concept was introduced as a reward for consumer loyalty.  This practice evolved into the more complicated system known as FFP (Frequent Flyer Points).  This step to Frequent Flyer Points was initiated by American Airlines.  They were the first to realize the potential of rewarding their customers.  It was in 1981 that they initiated this marketing plan.  American Airlines were the first to market their airline in this highly successful manner.

In order for the Frequent Flyer Club to work, it required the tracking of miles flown by members.  The frequent flyer mileage strategy took into account the need for computer systems to ensure this was carried out.  The miles flown by members were an estimation of their financial input to American Airlines.  Members were rewarded with flight upgrades as well as free flight tickets.  Needless to say, members were delighted to get something back for their time and money.

American Airlines called its Frequent Flyer Club, AAdvantage.  They made use of their reservation system to put together a data base.  They came up with 150 000 names of frequent flyers.  This was accomplished by their computer system searching out frequent telephone numbers.  This was the first system that made possible a Frequent Flyer Club.  American Airlines decided to take their program of reward a step further.  They offered mileage accrual from Hyatt and Hertz car hire companies along with the flight miles.

The first airline to follow the example of American Airline was United Airline.  They followed AE’s lead by the introduction of their own version of AAdvantage called the United Airlines Mileage Plus Program.  This was an indication that American Airline had come up with a brilliant marketing strategy.  It was so successful that before long TWA and Delta Airlines had to present their versions of AAdvantage to the American public.  All this took place in the same year.  It could be said consumers were sold on the idea of frequent flyer mileage and frequent flyer club rewards.

The Frequent Flyer Club, based on the Frequent Flyer Points system, had started intense competition between the airlines.  This is exactly what consumers want.  Suppliers who compete for business and attention ensure good deals.  This is the reason why the Frequent Flyer Club is so beneficial to the consumer who flies often.  In fact, so sought after was the Frequent Flyer Club status that the potential of offering hotel accommodation was realized.  In 1983, Holiday Inn was the first to launch their Honored Guest Awards program.

It proved as popular as the airlines award programs.  Nowadays, it is possible to link all these benefits in order for the consumer to get the best out of a Frequent Flyer Club status program.  It is important to get all the information regarding this kind of system.  All differ in certain areas, and all have their pros and cons.  However, if properly managed a consumer could be entitled to excellent awards.  Very often, a consumer would need to find out which credit cards offered this category of awards.  A consumer who traveled frequently should take full advantage of such a program.


Frequent Flyer Club

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