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A Delta Airline Credit Card Review: The Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Miles Program And Partners

Delta Airline Credit Card


Travel rewards, such as frequent flyer miles and hotel discounts, are an added perk for any traveler, especially ones who use their credit cards on an almost daily basis.  If you are not currently earning rewards for travel simply by making a purchase, you may want to consider switching your credit card provider.  If you fly Delta airlines often, then there may be a Delta Airline credit card offer that is right for you.

The most popular reward earning credit cards that Delta offers are American Express cards in the United States, and Visa Cards in South America and Europe.  Delta airline frequent flyer miles are earned on both airline ticket purchases from one of Delta’s continental services or one of their partner airlines such as Air France and Continental Airlines.  Delta Airline credit card reward miles can also be earned on purchases from approved Delta airline vendors, rental car companies, hotels, and more.  Believe it or not, if you are buying or selling your home and open up a TD Ameritrade account, secure a mortgage with LendingTree, or get a home equity or student loan with Chase, you have earned miles towards a free flight.

Delta offers three personal SkyMiles Credit Cards from American Express.  They all have an interest rate of 9.99% and earns one SkyMile for every dollar spent.  These cards also accumulate points for other uses when used at the grocery store, gas station, or wireless phone bill.  The standard card rewards users with 5,000 bonus miles after the first use of the card, 15,000 miles with the Gold card, and 15,000 miles plus a companion coach ticket each year with the Platinum card.  The Platinum card is the only one that automatically waves the annual fee, however the other two will wave the fee if you have an additional American Express card in your wallet.  The standard and gold card has caps on how many miles can be earned and the Platinum does not.  There are also business credit cards offered by Delta, but the main difference is higher credit lines, additional unspecified bonuses, and discounts with FedEx.

Delta and American Express also offers two other credit cards for personal and business use that rewards their members with point instead of miles.  Instead of needing to reach as certain spending level to redeem your miles, the Delta SkyPoints credit card allows you to cash in the points you earn with each dollar spent when they reach 3,000.  While the SkyMiles give the user a higher discount on their fares, the SkyPoints are more convenient to use.  You earn a point for every dollar spent, plus two points if you use your card at the grocery store, gas station, drug store, hardware store, post office, cell phone bill and additional Delta purchases.  Consumers can earn 2,500 additional points the first time they use their card, and, once again, there is no annual fee if you already have an American Express car.  The business version of this card is the same with the exception of 3,000 points and higher spending limits.

There was no information available on blackout dates and card restrictions.  Any consumer interested in receiving a Delta SkyMiles or SkyPoints credit card should contact Delta or American Express for the most current information on interest rates, APR, and black out dates for travel use.  If you prefer the American Express, then this is the right credit card for you.


Delta Airline Credit Card

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