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Citibank America Airlines Credit Card

A Review Of The Citibank America Airlines Credit Card Range

Citibank America Airlines Credit Card


Travelers are always looking for a way to cut their costs, especially during the busy holiday season when gas prices are so high.  Many credit card holders purchase their airline tickets using their credit cards and the very savvy ones take advantage of the frequent flyer miles and discounts both airlines and credit cards offer them.

American Airlines is one of the many that offers these rewards.  Working in conjunction with financial giant Citibank, American Airlines is offering a Citibank American Airlines credit card with different reward levels for frequent – and no so frequent – travelers.  The AAdvantage program was the first awards program ever established by an airline and is currently the largest one available today.  The airline works with twenty-one airline partners to award miles with each ticket they purchase, including bonus miles if they use eligible fares, business class or first class.  Members can also receive miles if they stay at a hotel or rent a car from a company that is recognized by the Citibank AAdvantage credit card program.  By using additional partners, both financial and retail, those members who do not travel a lot can still earn rewards every time they use their Citibank American Airlines credit card.

The AAdvantage program and Citibank offer a few different types of credit cards for the consumer to choose from.  Each card comes with basic services, such as discounts at various retailers, mile rewards, and no travel blackout dates.  However, each card level also offers different services and benefits.  For example, the Citi Bronze/AAdvantage MasterCard has no annual interest rates, but mile are earned on every $2.00 spent as compared to every $1.00 spent on the Citi Gold/AAdvantage credit card.  The gold card awards the user 12,500 miles after their first purchase; the bronze does not.  Both have caps on their miles, but the gold card’s cap is 60,000.

Citibank and AAdvantage also offer an executive card, a platinum card, and a small-business card.  Each of these has their own terms and conditions but provides the user with no travel black-out dates, miles rewarded for every dollar spent, and card management services.  All of these cards are MasterCards.  For those people who would prefer an American Express, the Citi Select/AAdvantage credit card is for you.  It is interesting to note that none of the cards except for the Citi Bronze/AAdvantage card has a preset spending limit.

Each card also offers different bonus mile earning options within the first twelve months of card use.  The bonuses go hand in hand with the level of service you are getting out of your particular card.  Earned miles do not expire as long as the card remains active within thirty-six months.

AAdvantage and Citibank have developed a multi-level awards program that offers a card that is perfect for everyone.  If you are a frequent traveler and currently do not have one of these credit cards but find yourself using American Airlines the most, you may want to look into having a credit card that is going to reward you for using it more than the card you are using now.


Citibank America Airlines Credit Card

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