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Airline Mile Visa Credit Card

Airline Mile Visa Credit Card - Selecting A Visa Frequent Flyer Miles Program

Airline Mile Visa Credit Card


One of the cards that may interest a consumer who was interested in rewards is the Airline Mile Visa Credit Card.  This card has the immediate advantages of:

• 0% Intro APR

• 12 months Intro Period

• Balance Transfers

• 13.49% Ongoing APR

• $0 Annual Fee

• Rewards

It is a fact that the Airline Mile Visa Credit Card is at the upper end of the rewards cards.  Points are accrued for every flight mile.  The card holder also earns points for buying tickets for others.  These tickets could be made use of to fly with any airline.  If the card holder prefers, the accrued miles may be used as a flight.  This reward can be redeemed with any airline that has no blackout dates.

The high interest on balances is saved by making use of the introductory offer for twelve months of nil percent on Airline Mile Visa.  Credit card providers compete fiercely for the support of consumers.  This particular credit card shows all the benefits of market competition.  However, it is advisable for card seekers to make an effort to get all the necessary information.  The choice of a credit card is a personal choice.  The holder of a card should make use of every benefit that is offered.

It is possible to use the Airline Mile Visa Credit Card to make everyday purchases.  This will include purchases from gas stations, supermarkets and drug stores.  It is a good feeling to know that for every hard earned dollar spent there is a reward of two points.  All purchases at other venues get one point for each dollar spent.  If the credit card is used to make purchases the points add up very quickly.

In order for the consumer to get a balanced view of available credit cards a number of opinions should be sought:

• Mile Edge Visa

• 1 000 points after first purchase

• 1 point for each $1 in purchases – limit 75 000 points per year

• points last up to 5 years

• points redeemable for brand-name products, hotel certificates, theme parks, travel

The Miles Edge Visa credit card could be responsible for a lot of fun and happy moments.  This type of card may be suitable for a family with young children and teens.  The redeemable points provide a variety of possibilities.

In contrast the following credit card may be more suitable for an individual or a couple:

• Jet Blue American Express Card

• 50 points after first purchase

• 50 points is the halfway mark to a reward flight

• Points do not expire.  Use card or fly JetBlue and points extended for a year

• 1$ (award) for every dollar spent

• $2 (award)for dining, leisure, travel, entertainment

• $200 = 1 point

The most important tip for a credit card seeker is to compare cards very carefully.  Take into account individual circumstances.  How much do you really enjoy or need to travel with an airline?  Will the card benefit your family in any way?  The objective of choosing an Airline Mile Visa Credit Card, or any other card, is to make savings.


Airline Mile Visa Credit Card

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